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    Calorie Question while on first cycle..

    Gonna post stats in case folks didnt see my older posts..
    23 years old, lifting on and off for atleast 5 years.. a hardgainer.. been training seriously for about a year now consistantly.
    5'10 190 pounds currently (on SD though 180 prior to starting)

    my current cycle is 30mg SD a day for 6 weeks, and 3/4cc of sustanon250 EoD for 12 weeks (works out to like 650mg a weekish) so far im only 3 weeks into the SD 1 week into the Sustanon .

    This very well could be my only cycle.. so with that possibility, id like to get the most i can from it, optimal gains ect ect.. the problem im having is with my diet, not sure if this should have been in the diet forum or here but i figured it was more cycle related so id stick it here first. Sorry for the long winded post ahead of time.

    Basically i want to keep my calories about 3500 atleast, closer to 4000 as im a hard gainer, ive never watched my calories before (only when going to lose BF and i was eating like 1600 a day, never watched em while trying to put on mass so not sure what i need to grow) The problem im having is prior to starting my SD i tightened up my diet, completely... 8 meals a day, one every 2 hours, and all in all it came out to 3900 calories, 450 grams of protien, and about 2x my weight in carbs... very low fat but i didnt bother to check that, the majority of it came from PB =) So good fat anyhow. Some days id have trouble eating tha tmuch, and when i started the SD it made it worse, the food is getting harder and harder to stomach which made me loosen up my diet a bit, eat a bit less.. and sometimes cheat here or there. Now im to the point where im cheating as much as im eating clean, its like a 1/2 and 1/2.. im still getting adequate protien but im really concerned about my calories.

    Question and advice is - Should i make sure i get adequate protien but eat as dirty as id like (its easier to eat alot of calories for me when its dirty cause it tastes better!)

    or should i continue to eat clean at the risk of my calories taking a major hit?

    Keep in mind, i dont need to accumulate any more bodyfat that i already have, yet i am bulking and i know some will come.. if it comes proportionately to the good gains due to extra calories im happy. Right now im probably around 12% maybe 14? ive been tested at 6% but that was while cutting, a few years back. Now im staying as lethargic as possible, doing 0 cardio, and honestly im stronger and bigger than ive ever been.. i want to pack on what i can before losing some of it to cutting! I can barely see abs when i flex standing, and if im sitting... Poof they go, if that gives an indication of BF%age.

    anyhow, whats more important.. clean foods, or large calories? help! =)

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    Try to keep it as clean as possible, adding some flax seed oil and a meal replacement here and there will help, as this will provide additional calories without filling your stomach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klepp1214
    anyhow, whats more important.. clean foods, or large calories? help! =)
    Calories are what matters. Try to keep things as clean as possible, but eating some crap to reach your calorie goal surely won't kill you.

    I think your problem is your low fat diet. Fat is the most calorically dense nutrient there is, so don't be afraid of it. Not to mention things like natty pb and ground beef are delicious, so pound them down.

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    i only ready through the first bit, but only be my 1st cycle? that will change..thats what I said for this 2 weeks in and im already planning time off to prepare for my next cycle LOL

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    yea my girlfriend only accepted me doing this one with "hopes" of it being my only.. we'll see, id like to do more in the future but first want to see what i get out of this one. Anyhow, looks like i wont worry about being so "tight" with my diet, and start eating like a pig =)

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