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    Question mesanolon/clomid

    i finally received all my gear, but before i start i want clear some stuff up. i have done searches but still confused. i noticed everyone
    extends winny after thier cycle and then start clomid right after. well i am going to use mesanolon. should i start clomid right after just like winny or should i wait two weeks? i am prone to gyno and never used arimidex . i got it for this cycle and i have nolva on hand. do i start when symptoms occur or at beginning of cycle? and what do you guys do with half empty amps to keep them sterile? i am using testoviron 250 and spliting the dose of 750mg between two days. 1 and 1/2 amps on sun and 1 and 1/2 on wed. my cycle looks like this

    week 1-4 suspension 50mg ed
    week 1-10 tt eq 600mg (split dosage between sun and wed)
    week 1-10 testo enanthate 750mg (split dosage between sun and wed)
    week 8-13 mesanolon 40mg ed

    week ?? clomid 300mg day1, 100mg 10days, 50mg 10days
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