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    i want to start my first cycle at age 31. suggestions

    im 31. I have never tried steriods before. I will be honest, I have been smoking speed for quite sometime now. I plan on quiting that though. I dont want to get to huge. I just want my motivation to workout again. Im 6' 205. What if I only did half of a cycle? I dont know where to start. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks in advance

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    Doesnt sound like you are working out at all now. Dont start gear it, will be the dumbest thing you ever do, apart from taking the speed that is. Steroids will do nothing if you take them now. You need to start working out for a couple of years and get a decent diet and workout routine going before you even think about it. You probably wont listen, but please dont come back here after you have done a cycle and say it did nothing and you dont know why !!!

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    smoking speed - - - i [B]plan on quitting....??? if that was past tense you might get a few better responses dude. but - ive had some issues myself with stuff of that nature (cocaine habit for 12 years) and i went cold turkey in 2000 when i was 30 as i met my fiancee and needed to start a real life. not saying you need to start a real life but if your doing that kinda crap its time to get it together. and going right to gear seems like the easy way out man. you dont want to regress while on that that's for sure. start going to the gym - cardio big time as that will force you to quit that other shit - eat right - get in shape then see what this board has to offer you.

    didnt mean to air my dirty laundry but if it can help someone out thats a good thing. nothing im proud of but def proud that its in my past and i have a great life now. u need the same

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    People who smoke speed make lots and lots of plans. And they keep making them as their lives go down the toilet. Happened to a good friend of mine. He's just a burned out drug casuality now. Get off that shit before it ruins you.

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    up with hope down with dope

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