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    on first cycle of test E

    im a newbie on my first cycle of test E been working out for about a year 170 lbs 37 yr old great stuff i have gaid an inch of mass on my filth wk 2 cc a week thinking of upping it to 4 cc wk also on milk T.if any of you guys could offer any sugestions ? im also trying a new diet along with working out 4 days a wk. thanks

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    If your test is 250mg per ml, (I'm guessing here) then you are doing 500mg per week which would be a good first cycle dose. Doubling that to a gram a week would be extreme for a first cycle. I'd suggest leaving everything as is and perhaps upping the dose on your second cycle to 600mg or thereabouts.

    Do you have your pct meds ?

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