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    how long to restore testosterone

    I just did a light cycle of test and deca for about 5 weeks and was wonering how long it will take for my test to go back up to normal. I am not taking clomid and I know I should... I dont need a lecture.. was just wanting to know how long and how to tell if test is back to norm..

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    Well not trying to flame you or anything but it sounds like you did not do enough research. Test usually takes about 4-5 weeks to kick in unless you were taking Test Prop. Also Deca takes about 4 weeks to kick in.
    Anyways back to your question it all depends on how much you shut yourself down. If you can get some clomid I would, you have about 3 weeks from you last deca shot to start the clomid. If it was me I would not risk it. Deca shuts you down pretty hard. If you have more gear I would finish the cycle.

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