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    PCT for estrogenic compounds...

    Since people don't really read things by searching (I guess they assume they are outdated if more than a week has passed since someone types out the word, "bump" ... I will reiterate a recent reply. There may be slight mistakes, but this is the gist of my current understanding.

    Does someone have another idea of how to do this for PROGESTENIC drugs? would probably be pretty useful.

    Uh, HCG is for restoring the volume of the testes so they have the capacity to produce the amount needed ... however, the bodies thermostat (HTPA) will not send the message for the testicles to produce testosterone (and during this time you are catabolic and have no sex drive, nor androgens to mitigate the affect of estrogen in estrogen receptors) if there is intra-testicular estrogen (I believe ... as I'm going from memory). The use of Clomid is to reduce intra-testicular estrogen because without doing so you will continue being "shut down." The use of a SERM (selective estrogen receptor mediator) is so that you avoid negative sides such as gyno, however still keep the benefits of estrogen where you need it (remember, it’s a SELECTIVE estrogen blocker) for immune system and cholesterol values. And as far as tapering goes, you have to understand that the half life of these esters commonly used is upwards of 7+ days (... and as a pharmacist you understand this so I'll skip right to the implication). Given that you have to have over 2 grams in your system to get 1000mg released per week from the depot(s), and that your body only produces about 7mg per day, it will be a WHILE before you clear out the exogenous test (and it's byproduct, estrogen) before your thermostat (the HTPA) sends the signal to produce the testosterone again. BUT, remember, as your androgens are being broken down and you have less to essentially assist in the reducing the affects of estrogen (which is the byproduct) it TOO has a half life ... and a man with more female hormones than male hormones is a breading ground for feminization... mood swings, and of course, no sex drive.

    Hope that clears it up... yeah there are side affects to ancillaries, but they are less severe than NOT using them... as it may very well WASTE all the risks with the cycle if you spend too much time with in a catabolic state as you wait for your AAS to clear, then the estrogen, then once your body actually sends the signal to turn up the testosterone the nuts are atrophied, which means they can't perform to the required extent until they have enough stimulation over time to return to full size, which they may or may not without a little help. We just use these PCT processes to shorten this whole time-line.

    I know you're not our conventional type of member, but the same rule applies - this stuff has all been dissected in the past, use the search button and get the information that leads us to agree on a safe and smart response for MOST people to recover.

    Also, I did this all from memory ... which means my motives are no longer as clear as my conclussions... nor the spelling - but trust me, I'm analytical and want to lead a healthy life.


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    Dude you always have such elaborate posts w/ the best info. Thank You

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