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Thread: test low

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    test low

    does anyone know the warnings signs that your testosterone is low after a cycle??
    Also how long till the water retention leaves?
    I know it depends on all kinds of shit but give me a ball park figure till my face goes back to normal....

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    If you do not take care of yourself with some PCT after your cycle, the 1st thing your gonna notice after coming off is that you will rapidly lose a large amount of your gains, which inturn can lead to other unwanted side affects. If you read up on some of the info. around the board you will know what I'm talking about. Do some more research and educate yourself.
    Without PCT it could be weeks or even longer before your natural test. returns to normal levels. By then you will also have lost alot of everything you worked hard for and spent your money on.

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    Depression, low libido, erection difficulties

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