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    2nd cycle questions

    I have decided for my second cycle to run
    400 mgs test 10wks injecting once on Monday
    300 mgs equipose 6 wks (about when it will run out) injecting once on Thursday.
    I was wondering if this is enough mgs to put on mass and if this is the best way to break up mgs, inj times, ect.
    Also should i increase the test slightly after the equipose runs out and should I split that up into 2 injects a week.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Canada Ehh...
    eq will need a higher and longer dose. I believe eq should be run 10 to 12 weeks.
    400-500mg / week test is good. with good trainning and a great diet you will get nice results. It would be better to injesct the test 2 times a week assumeing you are useing test-e or cyp. it will keep blood levels more stable, wich will help with any sides you might experience.
    I reccomed you hold off on the eq till you have more. if test works well for you then I see no need to add to the cycle yet. more stuff does not always mean more gains.
    but you will almost always get more sides.
    If you really want to stack, try 40mg/week d-bol for the first 4 weeks. makes for a great start to a test cycle

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    I agree with DIVE KID, and I'll add a little. I would run the EQ a min. of 400mg/wk, and like DIVE stated inject test twice a week as well as EQ(You can mix them both). You need to run EQ a min of 12 weeks.(I know b/c I am finishing up a 15 week cycle of Test E/EQ) Dbol wouldve been a nice touch, as DIVE proposed. I agree, with him as well you need more EQ or dont run it until you have more

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