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    cycle change good or bad

    hi i orginally was planning on just doing and eq/winny cycle. doing the eq for 10 weeks and the winny the last 4 weeks. but now i have decided to add in just a little test. dont know which kind. do yall have any ideas. i dont want to bloat to bad and stuff. also i was figuring this cycle with clomid and anti e should be about $500 is that rite. oh this is how my cycle is going to go.

    weeks 1-10 400mgs of eq
    weeks 1-10 200 or maybe 250mgs of test
    weeks 8-12 winny 50mgs 5times a week
    clomid starts after winny
    oh what anti e should i use

    also this is my first cylce looking to gain 15lbs of quality muscle and keep it. is this possibe. i weigh 175lbs 17% bodyfat

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    yes 15lbs is possible with that, and also seeing your adding EQ in there with your test, it will help keep your bloat lower than test alone..i would recommend T200 and very effective.
    As far as price, it all depends on your source=\

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    Hey bunktown welcome to the baord.

    From what I've been reading you could lower your EQ to 200mg a week beening your first cycle, use Test Enanthate at 250mg. You could run the test for one week more then the EQ that would take you to colmid in week 13.

    But it's your call, you'll get more information from other bro's, to help you with that decision.


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    i like it.. planned out well, dosages look good, and length of cycle looks good. almost exactly what i am doing right now. i think 15lbs of muscle is very possible. as long as diet is in check and you train hard. you could lower the dosages with it being your 1st cycle..but only you can make that decision. i would keep the test and the eq both at 10 weeks..and starting week 13, you will need to take clomid since that is the normal time after for eq and enanthate ...good luck

    Big J

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