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    Unhappy Winny and Clen Quantity Questions

    Hey guys and girls,

    As advised by a trusted friend and with a little informed research from various websites i am a little confused about quantitys of these two drugs i'm consuming.

    The winny is 50 mg per 1cc and in a 1cc vial.
    The Clen is 0.02mg per tablet

    Currently i'm consuming 50mg winny every other day by injection and 6 tabs of clen.
    Some people say this is fine, some say 350mg per week some say even more.
    From this you can probably tell my goals are aimed at a)hardening the existing muscle and b)losing excess body fat.

    Anyhelp would be greatly appriciated. If it helps I'm 5ft7" and 92 kg.


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    Winny should be 50 ED at least IMHO.

    Don't forget diet/cardio as the TRUE KEYS to fat loss.


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    i think i'm doing enough cardio, it's really just to help, thankyou for your response, what about the clen ? is that right for my body weight?

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    50mg winny ed and taper up to 160mcg clen per day with benadryl protocol. Also winny by itself will you right out and make for a hell of a time on your joints. It would also be a good idea to add some prop.

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