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View Poll Results: How do you use Proviron

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  • Use it instead of nova, a-dex, clomid, etc to control gyno during cycle

    1 16.67%
  • Use it with nova during cycle

    5 83.33%
  • Dont use it during cycle, just with clomid and nova during PCT

    0 0%
  • Find it useless/do not use

    0 0%
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    gates of hell

    Proviron preferences

    Please vote in the poll and leave any appropiate comments regarding proviron . Thanks.

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    Wanted to use it... never got the chance... I think I would try it with nolva if I get some instead of adex, next time.

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    i would use it in cutting cycle with arimidex or nolva... it also works good to use at the signs of gyno...use it with nolva and there should not be any estrogenic rebound when u stop the nolva..

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    If I were to use it I would use it with nolva during cycle

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    I love proviron . Keeps you hard (and your dick). Doesn't cause any acne, easy on the liver and lipids, very synergystic with test. You just have to start a couple of days before your cycle for it to really work as an AI, and it's not so good for the hairline if you're prone to it.

    It's even useable when doing a deca only cycle to keep your libido. Just higher dosage when doing deca only cycle. No other AI will boost your libido and keep your dick hard!!

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