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    Quick Nolvadex question...

    Want to keep the bloat down during my cycle...Im not gyno prone so thats not a worry..Just acne prone..Anyways, I want to know if 10mg or 20mg ed during my cycle is best to keep the bloat off..

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    Should be fine, or you can try l-dex @ .25md/ED. Either or is fine

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    10 seems to be what most people use as the standard. If you are not prone to gyno then stick with 10. I am not prone either but I use 20 because water retention looks like ass and there is no harm in takin 20 imo. I say do whatever concentration you have. If you have 10mg tabs do that if you have 20 dont bother splitting it and just do 20.


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    a-dex is much better for bloat

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