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    Massive weight gain stack???

    Hi there
    I'm happy, can get deca and Sust now. So I am going to revise my first cycle. Let me know what you think.

    Week 1 - 10: Sustanon 500mg/wk
    Week 1 - 10: Deca Dura 400mg/wk
    Week 1 - 5: D-Bol 30mg/day
    Week 1 - 14: Nova 10mg/day
    Week 12-14: Clomid 50mg/day

    I'm hoping for some serious gains in strength and weight from this cycle - do you think this will do the trick? Any adjustments? Eg.... Is there too much anti estrogen for one? Can I do with increasing the D-Bol and reduce the number of weeks of taking deca?


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    That's too much juice for your first cycle IMO. You'd get results with just the test provided you have a good diet and training plan.

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    Redmeat is probably right... Although I started with 3 components in my first cylce. I think the doses seem reasonalble.

    Run the test an extra two weeks, up the dbol to 35mg. Research pct a bit more...

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