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    Malmoe, Sweden

    need GH advice please...

    i wonder how much GH I shuld take!
    I have got 20 sust amps
    10 d-deca amps
    200 clens
    50 T4
    72 IE GENOTROPIN and I know that`s not enough but that`s what I`ve got!!!
    Please tell me how to divide it and where to inject it using ordinary syringes!!!!

    Thanks for a great forum..
    And don`t tell me not to use it please!!!

    Thanks from Sweden!!!!

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    You might consider stating how long you plan to cycle for. You also might consider holding off on the GH until you get more anabolics, seems you dont have very much. Dont know if you shotgunning what you have, but I would omit the clen ; it is not really needed there. You may want to add insulin to the cycle, honestly if your ready to start shooting GH you need to start thinking about insulin use as well. Be careful, with all that your treading on thin ice.

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    Swede-hold off and get more HGH. Get enough to stay on for 6 months. You are in Europe so you should have no problem getting it. Also, the Swedish customs is very relaxed. I smuggled a whole bunch of gear into Stockholm last summer. They never searched me.

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