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    how does this looj

    What's up yall!!! Great board, and super information. I just wanted to run this cycle past y'all to see what y'all thought.

    Week 1-10: EQ 400 mg/wk

    Week 1-5: Test prop 50 mg/ed

    Week 6-10: Tren 75 mg/eod

    Week 6-10: Winny 50 mg eod

    Just so you know my goals are to try to gain about 10-15 lbs. in quality muscle. More lean hard muscle then bulk, because I play basketball. I want to try to gain more quickness, and explosiveness and be able to keep my gains after my cycle. I also need to lose some bodyfat. Right now I am around 10%, but need to be around 6%. One last thing if there is anything to add during or post cycle please feel free to say something, because I don't know everything, but I know that you can drink Winny. Thanks everybody!!!!

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    what are your stats? how old are you? height/weight?

    Is this your first cycle? if so I hope your comfortable with injecting prop ED! I'd run the prop longer than 5 weeks....

    to loose bf% eat super clean, and you'll attain it.

    I'd do this for a beggin cycle probably, big for a first cycle a bit, but good I believe.

    eq 400mgs weeks 1-10
    test E 400mgs weeks 1-10
    fina 75mgs EOD weeks 1-6
    winny 50mgs ED weeks 7-13

    clomid after that. btw - fina is best ED but are you willing to do that?

    see what other say.. this is just my suggestion.

    on a final note, I'd learn a lot about steroids before dong them bro.

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