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Thread: Ester

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    Would Ester in anway effect or alter the parent steroid that I'm currently using?

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    Only in relation to dose-if you take a 100mg of prop test you ger about 83mg out of it the rest is ester, if you take a 100mg of Test E you get about 67mg of test cause the rest is ester. Other than that Test=Test

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    We have 1 gram (1000 mg) of testosterone enanthate .

    Of that 1000mgs, 700mg* is the hormone testosterone , the other 300mg* is an ester called enanthate .

    We inject this 1gram into our glute, thigh, delt, trab, lat, pec, bi, tri, calf, hip, forearm, ab, etc.

    We now have 1000mg (700mg hormone* and 300mg ester*) in our bodies, BUT the hormone is NOT active while the ester is still attached.

    Over the next 10 days* (the approximate half-life of the enanthate ester) 350mg of testosterone (HALF of the original hormone we injected) will be unattached from the ester, allowing the body to use the hormone, therefore making the molecules ACTIVE. This release is done periodically yet semi-steady over the 10 days*. Giving us an AVERAGE* of 35mg of ACTIVE testosterone per day FROM DAY 1!!!!!!!!!!!! (days 1-10)

    We now have 350mg* of testosterone left in our body on day 11. But keep in mind it is NOT active. Over the next 10 days*, 175mg* of testosterone (half of the 350mg that is left) will be released from it's ester companion and be activated, ready to be used by the body. AGAIN, this is done periodically over the 10 day period. Giving us an average* of 17.5mgs of active testosterone per day (days 11-20)

    It is now day 21 and we now have 175mg of testosterone still attached to an enanthate ester. AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN,this 175mg is NOT active and WILL not be activated until it is released from the enanthate ester. Over the next 10 days*, 87.5mgs (half of the remaining 175mg) of testosterone will be detached from the enathate ester and be used by the body. Giving us an average* of 8.75mgs of ACTIVE testosterone per day (days 21-30)

    We are at day 31 and we still have 87.5mg* of testosterone left in our bodies WAITING to be released from its ester and activated, made usable by the body.

    This cycle repeats over and over and over until all testosterone hormone has been freed from it's ester friend (in this case enanthate) and used by the body.

    There are many different esters. Each ester has a specific half-life AND a specific ester weight making up a specific hormone to ester ratio in your "1 gram" of steroid . In this case with the enanthate, the ratio was 7:3.

    After you grasp the concept you may read to further educate yourself on esters. WARNING- make sure you "get it" before reading the above link.

    **Esters for Dummies 102 - Intermediate, will be published after the majority of forum members grasp the concept of Esters for Dummies 101 (Estimated at 10 years from now lol)

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    Wow, you definately have previous experience ironmuscle16. Thanks for the advice.

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