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    HCG postcycle???

    Would it be a good idea to run HCG post cycle after doing the following stack:
    1st cycle
    fina wks 1-8 75mg eod
    sus 250 wks 1-10 500mg weekly

    clomid postcycle with nolvadex on hand. as well as clen .

    I just dont know if i should run the hcg or not? I hear both ways- what do you think??

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    Mr. Africa is offline Junior Member
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    Feb 2002
    nice wise cycle with nice moderate doses
    shoot HCG each 3 weeks 1500x2 /week
    then last week you shoot 5000 in this week single dose then another 5000 5 days later.
    believe me not only you will keep your gains but also you 'd avoid many proplems related to testicular atrophy in the future.

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    I wouldn’t touch the HCG unless you are doing more than 1 gram of test a week. And I don’t think you need to stack if its your first cycle, just go with the 500mg of sust and you will see nice results if your diet and training is there

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    im with bear aswell where dotoe evil hed say the same thing

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