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    need help with cycle deca question

    ok i am starting my third cycle first one was stupid needed something to help my joints after surgury did a deca and eq only cycle. second cycle was test and winny. now im looking to put on some quality mass. i have enough test e for 16 weeks at 500mg a week, the first five weeks im going to use 25mg of dbol a day for a good jump start. my question is this i only have enough deca for 10 weeks at 300mg a week if i run it like this will it be ok. My next question since the half life on deca is so long could i run a shot every ten days instead to stretch out the deca to 14 weeks. Or should i just take the tren i have laying around the house instead of the deca. i have enough tren to last 16 weeks at 75 mg eod. i will be running .25 mg of l-dex a day. and i have a ton of nolva and clomind for pct thanks for your info.

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    take the test for 12 wks @ 500mg/wk and the deca 300mg/wk for 10 wks.

    save the tren acetate for when you get some test prop.

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    IMO 300 mgs of Deca isn't enough to get nice gains from.....


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    If you have joint issues I'd avoid Winstrol at all costs.

    I prefer deca for a minimum of 12 weeks however. For that reason I'd suggest running the tren and getting some more deca for another cycle.

    1-4 Dbol @ 30mg ED
    1-12 Test E @ 500mg EW
    1-10 Tren A @ 75-100mg EOD

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