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Thread: winny bombs

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    winny bombs

    i just got some winny, 2 20ml bottles at 50mg/ml and 100 A bombs, and clembuterol what would be the best way 2 run this cycle with just what ive got with the aim of just attaining some lean muscle which i can maintain and drop bodyfat, i also have nolvadex 20mg on hand

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    you dont have enough winny to make a decent cycle out what you have bro, even at 50mg ed(which is low imho) you only have enough for 40 days on the winstrol . i would have done it the other way around........more winny and less drol as this what you'd need to make a decent cycle. you could try this though:
    50mg ed week1
    100mg ed week 2
    100mg ed week3
    50mg ed week 4
    50mg ed weeks 5-10
    clomid (12 hours after last dose of winny)
    300mg day 1
    100mg days2-11
    50mg days 12-21
    nolva wont help with progesterone induced gyno, so why run it at all...........

    peace bb79

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