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Thread: chinese deca

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    Smile chinese deca

    im going to do my third cycle now after a little prob with my liver it has cleared up now that i have stopped all alchocol intake but i was wondering about chinese deca it it better than the usual norma brand i used before
    imstarting my cycle in 2 weeks it looks like

    wk 1-3 20 mg dianabol ed
    wk 1-8 200mg deca twice weekly
    wk 1-10 250 mg testiviron twice weekly

    clomid on hand and pct to follow 2 weeks later and the vts and supps also

    could i put a little something else in to this cycle to help the bulk along

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    I would maybe up the dosage bro, if your concerned about your liver I would just drop the dbol . Dont forget to buy good liver protection. As for the deca , if your source is legit there should be no problem. Norma deca or bd decabol are both deca.


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    thanks anything from the mods

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