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    next cycle for lean mass

    100 mg test prop ED 1-12
    75 mg tren A ED 1-8
    IGF-LR3 weeks 1-4 and 8-12 (dosage)?
    D-bol 40 mg ED 1-4
    PCT weeks 13-16

    Look Good... how about the IGF dose?


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    plan on running tren and prop next week but i was going to run tren for 9 and prop for 10 but i like you having prop for 12 i think i might do that thanks

    but why the dbol if its a lean mass?

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    Cycle looks good, but there's no need for d-bol at the beginning since prop and tren kick in within a few days. I would just drop it.
    I'm about to do my first run at lr3 this fall so I don't have first hand experience, but the general consensus in the igf forum seems to be 50mcg for a first run. That's the dose i'm going to run at the beginning of my cycle and bump up as necessary for my other runs throughout the cycle.

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