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Thread: Deca question

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    Deca question

    I am still debating whether to go with Deca or EQ but I am wondering if I did go with Deca and I was to use 600mg/week along with Test at 750mg/week what would the chances be of me getting Deca Dick?


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    I like Deca better for bulking cycles, but i never use more then 400mg a week, with 500mg of test etc...and never had a problem with deca dick...i prefer EQ for dieting, it's more androgenic , which promotes more hardness and vascularity...good luck bro...

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    I believe EQ may actually be better for bulking. It is believed to be as strong as or slightly stronger in equal concentrations than Deca is. it usually causes fewer side effects than Deca because it has little to no progestagenic activity. In addition, it aids in appetite which is obviously good for bulking, but at the same time produces good vascualrity and increased aerobic capacity, neither of which Deca does very well. Most importantly though, by definition, the EQ can't give you 'Deca Dick'.

    There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to both, but I think EQ might have an edge when used in the right stack for both bulking and cutting.

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    as long as your test dose is higher than your deca , you should be fine.

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