I have one question in realting to this topic. since we know steroids alter our lipid profile (bad cholesterol up, triglycerides up etc) and while on ur lipids r screwed. Then one goes on PCT and gets a bloodwork done 2 months after PCT. The possibility is that his values have returned to a quite good level. Many people think they are good to go now but I am wondering. Out of these lets say 4 months ur lipid profile have been bad for at least 3 months and then u would go on a cycle again, that would leave u with only 2-3 good months in a year. Since prolonged dyslipidemia is a major risk factor for CV diseases (for example atherosclerosis) wouldnt u need a much longer off time in contrast to the on time? Or the other option is to get regular bloodwork done and make the assumptions in regards to the results.

Or is it enough that the values return to a normal level for a while and any possible damage is reversed.. Someone with good medical knowledge could help me out here..