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    stopped gaining...

    it appears my weight has levelled off around week 7 of my cycle sust 250. 750mg e/w, im thinking of chucking m1t into the mix, or should i change my training and up the cals for trhew next few weeks? any ideas, thanks bros.

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    Up your cals, make sure you are getting enough protein, and yes maybe throw a twist into your routine. The body responds great to changing stimulus. And don't throw in the M1T, you don't need more compounds in your body, evidenced by your gains so far, you just need more maintenace of those gains.

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    up the calories, your body is starving with the added muscle, no need for the m1t.


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    Yea - I just started week 7 of a test e cycle - 500 mg / week. Up 14 lbs and with little or no bloat - it appears to be good gains. But I noticed last week or so they started to level off. So - I'm upping my calorie intake - more complex carbs, more natural food protein and another whey shake to boost my protein intake another 50 gr / day. Also changed up my workout routine - order of exercises, moved my triceps to their own day last week and really blasted them. after changing my routine I felt that good old post workout soreness so I'm taking that as a good sign... try all of the above - it can't hurt. Good luck bro...

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