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    Help with CYCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is goiing to be my third cycle. My real question is how many mgs of test should i run 500 or 750. Im goiing to be taking tren acetate at 75 mgs/day and tren enanthate for 12 weeks at 400 mgs/week, cutting that acetate out after week four, and anadrol at 100 mgs for the first 5 weeks. My last cycle before i knew what i know now concicted of 500 mgs of sustanon (Niles), and 250 mg of enanthate ( galenika),Equipose at 400 mgs/week and dbal at 40 mgs 4 weeks. So mmy question is should i run my next cycle at 500 or 750 mgs of test/week(galenika)?? I'm leaning towards 750 thanks for the feedback!

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    750 test a week, 75 tren ace ED (why do both??), and 100 drol ED for first 4. Running tren enth might mess with you, stick to the ace, at least you can quickly control blood levels cause that shit can really mess with you. But, if you insist, cut the ace at week 3, and take 300 enth a week...

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