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    I am a new member and this is my first post. I am about to start my second cycle this semester. I did a previous cycle running tren only for 40 days using it everyother day, followed by clomid therapy. I had awesome gains in both stenght and mass. However, i had a little scare over the summer where my boss at work (a former user) told me that I may not be able to have kids because steriods make you sterile and once you go sterile you can't reverse it. I have friends at school that tell me this is not true and that you are only sterile for the time your on it. As long as you take the clomid and HGC you'll be fine. It is comforting to read the facts on the site about how the process is fully reverseable in all cases once the use of the steriod was dicontinued. I would just like as much informtion about it as i can get before i go on another cycle, which would consist of test e and tren. The fact that I may not be able to have kids is the only thing that is keeping me from doing it again. Please respond with your opinion, knowledge or information about this. Thanks

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    Sterility is a possiblility just like male pattern baldness, prostate enlargement, becoming hypogonadal... If you are that worried throw some of those spermes on ice... I think fertility clinics or such could guide you in the right direction.

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    I know a few guys who got their wives pregnant on cycle.Anabolics aren't a form of birth control.

    Research,and you shall find the answers you're looking for.The search tab above works wonders.


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    Since you're 19yrs old, and using TTRREENN, you could have much bigger problems. Do some research, be careful and take your time. There are safer products you could use to achieve your goal.


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    Enhanced levels of testosterone in your body can induce sterility, but the condition reverses itself with the discontinuation of supraphysiological levels of test. And you know what, it's not a 100% anyhow, I have two boys, both concieved while on cycle.

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    tren for a 1st cycle huh.... man u don't believe in testing the waters first... u just jumped right in head first... but what's done is done.. u r a little young to be bashing your natural hormonal system... i wld make sure u get your natural test levels back to normal b4 even thinking of cycling again... go get bloodwork, then decide if u want to get back in the water again..

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