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    Newbie warning about sex drive!

    This is for all you newbies that think if my sex drive is fine, then I don't have low test levels.

    I read a techincal paper in the Clinical Endocrinology journal. It turns out that a surprisingly small amount of test is needed for libido, or the sex drive. About the best way, besides a blood test, is to look at erection quality as testosterone stimulates the production of nitric oxides in the penis causing dialation and increase in blood flow. So while erection hardness is a more accurate gauge of natural test levels, it is by no means conclusive either. Don't read anything into your sex drive and dont believe anavar or primo (or any other AAS) won't disrupt your HPTA either. I would give a link to the article but i would have to search for it again, its on a special 'intranet' computer system you guys can't access, and its copyrighted.

    So just because your sex drive is what you might consider normal, dont think your HPTA is functioning normal. The best plan is to plan cycles wisely, always do proper PCT, give adequte time in off-cycle, and get bloodwork done to gauge progress.
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    Common sense advice that not enough guys listen to.

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