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Thread: Bad Day!

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    Bad Day!

    On tuseday i took my shot of test 400. Im in my thrid week of my cycle of the`test4 and deca3. On Thursday and today (Friday) I have not been able to walk my ass is in so much pain, my body feels week and i didnt get to work out today. I was just wondering if im being a pu** or if there is something wrong? The first two weeks were not this bad.

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    T400 can be very painful for some. I'd mix the deca and the test in the same syringe to dilute the test. This may help with the pain a bit.

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    Yeah there's something wrong your using T400.......... all the higher mg stuff will hurt. If eGGz's advice doesn't help try mixing equal amount of sterile oil with it and see if that will help.

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    jesus... t400?? is this your first cycle?? i wld have went with test e or c... doesn't t400 make prop look like a walk in the park as far as pain??

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