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    an advocate of shorter cycles and lower doses?

    I've got 1500mg of tren and 1000mg of test prop and 750mg of winny. I'm an advocate of shorter cycles, especially with short esters like prop and tren. I also like to keep at lower doses, and I've had good results thus far with those principles. I'm 6'1'' and weigh 204 lbs. I gained about 20 lbs on a test prop cycle 100mg EOD, even after PCT, and that cycle was only about 7 weeks. My diet is very good, I keep my calories to about 4000 a day and supplement with protein. I am a diabetic so I eat a lot of complex carbs and tons of lean chicken breasts, etc etc. All this considered, would you guys say I'm wasting my money and my gear if I ran the following cycle.

    Days 1-20

    75mg tren ED
    75mg prop EOD

    Days 5-20

    100mg winny EOD

    Couple questions I have inparticular.

    1. How important is it to have test doses higher than tren doses?
    2. I'd like this to be a very lean mass cycle, and I've got diet and cardio down down, but is this short cycle ok too short?

    Thanks for any help bro's!


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    Calm down need to make 2 threads of identical content in a matter of minutes.
    Do you expect ppl to stop and just focus on you?

    a tren cycle


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