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Thread: Lasix

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    I have done no research on it, just thrwowing this out there, sorry. I have 10 & 20 mg lasix in pill form. Is the injectalbe form better? Do I take it every day or just like once a week to keep the water down? Never taken anything for the water retention so it's new to me. Thanks - Peace SnB

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    I feel like its an over rated item

    does not work that great

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    Is the medicine I was given for my blood pressure. Works great as a diuretic but you must be careful as it can lower you blood pressure to low if you have no BP problems. It sucks most of the sodium and potassium from your system. I like how it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysterious11
    Is the medicine I was given for my blood pressure.... It sucks most of the sodium and potassium from your system. I like how it works.

    Mysterious11 is spot on on this....Lasix is notorious for potassium depletion...HCTZ is easier on potassium levels than Lasix....
    ..if you decide to use Lasix, start @ a low dose...I'd suggest 10mg ED and see how your body reacts..Work up as needed...Keep in mind that people with severe fluid retention problems/renal failure rarely exceed 80mg ED..40mg ED is the upper limit for most renal patients....
    ..and I'd suggest drinking some low sodium V8 or something along those lines to maintain your potassium levels...Stable potassium levels are conducive to cardiac health and will keep cramps to a minimum
    ...On a side note, many people that are on Lasix for medical reasons are also prescribed SlowK (slow-release potassium)...
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