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    Can Sus be mixed with Test E to finisg cycle?

    Thanks for all teh advice on my last question concerning mixing Test E and Test C.

    On teh same note could I finish a Test cycle (12 weeks) with Sustanon for 5 weeks? (I have 7 weeks worth of Test E for 500mg/ week) & can get Test C or Sustanon for 5 weeks easier than the Test E from my source right now.

    (I know I could probably find the answer by researching more & suspect single ester test work differently than Sust)

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    If you can't get Test E go with Test C. Sustanon works best with EOD injections.

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    i would start with the sust first, cause it is faster acting( has prop in it) than switch to the to enathate. Or just mix it all together and shot. Either way is fine. Test is test you just have to change frequency of the shots because of the ester(es).

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    it can be mixed, just one day you will need to shoot sust alone cuz its best EOD.


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