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    Talking Deca/Cyp/D-bol but am i eating enough??

    I am about to start my 3rd week of 450mg/decaweek 600mg/cyp/week and 30mg/day/dbol strenght is up but no real weight gain only 4lb i am sure its all water form da d-bol just want to make sure i am consuming enough cals to get the weight up...heres how my meal plan looks like each day
    6:00am cereal + shake(2 scoops of whey + tbs of Flax oil)
    8am granola bar and a fruit
    10am bagel with turkey or ham a yogurt and some nuts
    1pm lunch always a big meal like chicken potatoes and vegies usually or steak always some kind of meat
    2-2:30 some more nuts
    4-4:30 another big meal similar to my lunch
    7-7:30 after workout shake(2 scoops of whey + tbs of Flax oil)
    9pm 2 slices of whole wheat bread with peanut butter and a fruit
    10-10:30pm before bed shak(2 scoops of whey + tbs of Flax oil)
    what u guys think??

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    I'd say 4 lbs is pretty good considering you are on a relatively low dose of dbol and that neither the deca or the cyp have built up to their working levels yet. You should start growing soon. Don't over do the cardio or the weight traning. If you are in doubt about your diet then simply eat some more. Rest is important too.

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