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    one for dr evil and pros

    my cycle
    weeks 1-8 sus 500 deca 400
    start clomid week 11

    i am on week 7 at the moment gains just under a stone happy with this but gains have slowed right down in the last few weeks.little bit of water around the face but not to much.just hope i keep the muscle when i come off.

    for my 2nd cycle in 9 weeks time i am going to do this as i want to gain some quilty muscle, with little water and beable to keep the gains.
    week 1 deca 200 primo 400
    week2 primo 400
    week 3-7 testiviron 250 primo400
    weeks 5-9 winny tabs 50 mgs each day
    8 hrs after last winny tab start clomid.
    will 24 tabs of clomid be ok.
    and does everything else seem ok?

    my stats boy fat around 9%, 6ft, 11 stone 10ibs.

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    u will need more clomids, but cycle looks good, any reason ur takin the 200mg deca the first week and not throughout the cycle. save the deca for another cycle, IMO

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    will i need 36 clomid then.
    also i am just using 1 deca 2nd cycle as i will have 1 left from this cycle.

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    i looks like you need more stuff bro,
    run the test and primo for 8 wks minimum each
    4 wks of test isnt going to do anything
    run the winny 6-10

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    take out the deca . run the testoviron for the entire length of the cycle.

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