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    I went to the site and found a verification page for authourized distributers. You type in the URL of the site you are planning to buy from (as BD does not distribute directly to individulas) and a confirmation comes up if the site you entered is an authourized distributer.
    Can I trust that the website, I found by doing an google search by the way, is going to get me my product because, it has be verified by British Dragon as a distributer? Is it not possible that a gov. agent is buying up or a shady distributor who exchanges the real for fakes is operating the site I found that distributes? To buy or not to buy?

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    Just because BD confirmed they may sell some product to that particular web site,by no means is an indication they are 100% legit.I recommend you contact several MODs and have them do a source check for you.


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    you could b rigjht it could b a scammer or trapper but id b interested in u getting the right answer 2 ur ques

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    I have had success ordering through a website, i used my credit card. MOst say not to do it. BUt it was a very small amount. And the charge shows up as bobs candle maker or something like that.Just make sure your on a secure site with the little lock down on the bottom.

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    look for sites that except secure credit card transfers, not western union, cash, etc. those seem to be the least likely ones to scam, but there is still a risk.


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    if you got the website by google , i wouldn't trust it. Do a source check with a mod

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    Weather or not they're scam, I was gonna used bd products but they're just to expensive. There are ug labs out there that can give the same result with half the price you would spend on bd products. Don't get me wrong I've heard nothing but good things about bd products, I just believe test is test if its 100% legit.

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    your website might be getting their product from bd but that doesn't mean they will be passing that product along to u... if it checks out on the bd website that is just the 1st step to checking to see if your source is legit...

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    If the source is in Europe, then most likely it is legit. If it is domestic, I wouldn't trust it.

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