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    Should I up my dose?

    I'm taking 200 test cyp and 150 of decca every three days it ends up being 600 test and 450 of the decca. I'm now going into week 6 of my QV gear and I have not notice major strenght gains I was benching 250 for 6 when I started and now I'm doing it maybe for 8 so it's a slight gain and weight wise I went up like 10 lbs in 3 days but I was taking d--bal and since I've maybe gained 4 or 5 lbs I'm looking to gain 15 more lbs and I have about 4 weeks to gain that if it's even possible. I mean Im gonna run this test and decca till week 11 so lets hope I gain some freken weight but should I up the dose or just stay there this is like my 3rd cycle...

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    note that ur using long esters i think after week or 2 ull c most of ur gains

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    from what I hear results should really begin to kick in after 6 weeks - I'm about to start a similar cycle and expect this to happen.

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    Lets see, 10lbs plus 5lbs more = 15lbs and you wish to gain an additional 15lbs. For a third cycle, a 30lb gain is unrealistic expectations. IMO 20lbs would be the high end. As your weight goes up your caloric requirements go up too. Eat, eat, eat and then eat some more and then take a nap. The doses look OK to me. Run the test at least 1 week longer than the deca .

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