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    Help Wanted - Need to lose serious fat !!

    Hi guys

    I just joined the site. Really cool stuff

    i would be grateful for any advice from members on my problem.

    im 18stone 12 lbs at 35% fat and need to shift the flab as im getting married. Id like to look good for my wedding day so i needs members help to compile a strategy. so far ive been training naturally and gotten some result. i used to be 21 stone, but results have been slow. i would like more muscle, as well as getting cut up, Can anyone suggest an effective routine for drugs and training

    all help is appreciated

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    try clen and t3 with at least 30 min of cardio a day

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    Quote Originally Posted by thndrgod33
    try clen and t3 with at least 30 min of cardio a day

    And eat clean!!

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    T3 and clen could help, but you really need to focus on your diet and training. You're not going to cut serious body fat and build a lot of muscle at the same time, however you can tone up the muscle you have. Your 1st goal should be to get your bf% down to like 15% It takes discipline and determination. Plenty of info out there - but heres a quick outine:

    !). 45 - 60 min of good cardio 1st thing AM on an empty stomach
    (i'd probably hit this 5 -6 times a week to start)
    2). eat small meals 5 -6 times a day to keep your metabolism stoked.

    3). Cut out all sugar / white bread products - I mean all!!

    4). NO fried foods (french fries, doughnuts, fried chicken etc - say goodbye)

    5). Limit evening meals to protein / veggies

    6). Eliminate excess fat in diet - Olive oil / canola oil flaxseed oil - a little is good. NO butter, cream, whole milk, margarine, etc.

    7). Desserts = NO

    8). Choose good sources of lean protein and clean complex carbs for meals.
    Veggies are fine for all meals. Small amount of fruit OK - but fresh only no canned fruit.

    You can do this - but don't kid yourself. Its work and a full time commitment. Don't eat to be polite. Don't be nice to people who try to give you stuff you shouldn't eat. Stay focused on your goal. Stay at it and I guarantee you will melt away the fat. A good cardio diet plan is better thatn any drug for cutting weight.

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    Yeh steroids isn't the way to go (yet) - you really need to work on the diet and some serious cardio training.

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    Don't eat to be polite. Don't be nice to people who try to give you stuff you shouldn't eat.

    That is so important. Tell everyone you know you are going on this diet to prevent them from inviting you over for fried chicken or other crap.

    Also, drink 8-10 glasses (250ml each glass) of water a day, no soda drinks or fruit beverages (which are high in sugar). Throw out the salt shaker as well.

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