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Thread: aspirate

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    When i shoot my delt i move around quite a bit, canīt hold it steady with one hand.

    I use to aspirate twice for that reason, good or bad i donīt know. My latest two shots iīve drawn blood from my delts, seen nothing from the first aspiration but in the second when half the juice are in my system i have drawn blood.

    Is this a common thing? Someone else who aspirate twice?

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    I've never aspirated twice during the same injection.

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    Me either.

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    Maybe a good think i did, drawing blood and so...

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    I am not a doc but maybe on the 2nd aspiration you are drawing up blood that seeps into the site from capilliaries.

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    By Dr. David T. Ryan
    for elitfts

    We decided to print this article for the safety of all athletes that choose to use anabolics. We do not condone the use of AAS, especially with young athletes and teenagers. But we do realize that there are people that do use them and wish to give them some information on how to inject properly. If you have any moral or any other objections of the use of AAS, the please do not read the article. This is your choice as is the choice of those that use AAS. We have also decided to print this article as Dr. Ryan has had numerous obstacles in getting this published. We felt that this subject needed to be addressed.]

    This whole article started with a shocking conversation I was having with a twenty year friend of mine and lifter. He was explaining about the procedure he would use to inject himself. The process of using an old/used needle to remove the solution from the bottle then applying a new ?fresh? needle to his syringe was rather shocking to me. He smiled and indicated that boastfully that he had done this for over twenty years. All I could think about were the large fibrotic lesions in his glutes that prevented him from further injection in those sites.

    All too commonly the issues that are important are often never discussed by professionals until it is too late. This problem with that type of injection protocol is that you are taking a needle out of your dirty body (do you eat off of your ass?) and apply that needle, for the sake of keeping a sharp point, into a solution, just happy to grow the bacteria that is lodged in the needle and on it?s surface. Consider this, would you stick that needle into a bucket of paint then later shove that needle into your fresh bottle of EQ 200? Please consider that over the years of working medical research; I have seen bacteria grow in acid so strong you would have to open the chemical under a hood or burn your eyes and nose off ? it just takes time! NEVER STICK A NEEDLE FROM YOUR BODY BACK INTO ANYTHING THAT IS STERILE.


    1. Wash your hands and anyone else involved should wash their hands. 2. Use only clean needles to remove and inject any solution. 3. Prepare the area with a prep solution (i.e. rubbing alcohol or other sterilizer) 4. LEARN TO Z TRACK (listed below) 5. Never inject more than 5 cc?s / ml. into any one injection site. 6. Keep all items clean and dry after the injection. 7. Store all items properly.
    Washing your hands may seem simple, but it is a very effective way to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

    Using a contaminated needle to remove solution from a bottle is playing Russian roulette with your health. Only use clean needles to puncture your skin or that of bottle. A single injection doesn?t dull the needle tip to any degree worth complaining about. It only helps in your head, maybe! Various prep solutions are necessary to clean the injection site; this prevents the normal bacteria that are present on the surface of the skin from being pushed into the body.

    Z Tracking

    This is a simple process of pulling the skin to one side to allow for a hole to be made in the skin and then displacing that same hole after the injection has been made. This displacement stops the leakage of the injected solution to the skin surface.

    Wash your hands and make sure that everyone else does too.
    Prepare the area with alcohol.
    Prepare the injection needle and solution
    Firmly displace the skin to one side.
    Inject the needle and aspirate to make sure you have no blood and then inject contents appropriately.
    Release the skin pressure.
    Remove the needle from the injection point.
    Clean and dispose of all materials appropriately.
    Taken from the nurses hand book (referenced below), notice how the displaced skin will stop the backflow of the injected solution.

    For those of you who would like a diagram: Click Here

    Follow these easy steps to providing a safer more effective injection. Common sense goes a long way in medicine and yes, this is still a form of medicine.

    also check this out...

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