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    Off-season cycle (5th Cycle)

    Starting to think of my off season cycle, (Football ends late November) I am currently at about 240ish during the season trying to maintain what i have through the beatings every week on the feild. Anyway thinking of this:

    Week 1-10 Prop @ 100-150mg Each Day
    Week 1-10 Anavar at 30-40mg Each Day
    Week 1-10 Finaplex 75mg ED
    Week 1-2, 5-6, 9-10, Slin @5-10IU's PWO
    Week 1-16 HGH @ 5IU Each Day

    I will be doing mostly Football training, heavy squats, bench and cleans, as my main lifts with various secondary lifts for my other muscles.

    I am hoping to get to a lean 260 and maintain my speed if not improve it; i ran a 4.6 40 at camp weighing in at 250 and benching 225 for 24. I play D-end

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    First I would up the var to 50mg ed and use it for the last 6 weeks of your cycle. The GH will keep you lean but you may get joint pain with the 5iu so if the pain gets bad cut it down. Looks solid to me

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    Why are you only running slin 2 weeks at a time? I think you need more then 4 months of HGH, but it's your call. I wouldn't start at 5iu, start at 2iu, raise it an iu every 2 weeks, until you reach the desired dose


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