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Thread: 2nd cycle.....

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    2nd cycle.....

    im currently doing my first into week 3...starting to grow rapidly.

    doing the classic bulker. deca , dbol , test, qv..VERY nice. anyways...

    ive put on 15 lbs already...of course i have a lot of water im sure..but i still see my 8 pack..etc. thinking I want to run the SAME cycle for my second..I basically want to bulk BIG TIME...
    then i will cut.

    before this cycle. I was 5'9.5, 214lbs 9% bf. cut..and large.naturally....but have been training for 11 years. with diet etc. goal ...down the road is 250..I would love to be 5'9 250....its going to take a while but it seems im on my way.

    im currently running

    test e 500 1-12
    deca 300 1-10
    dbol 30ed 1-4

    and pct etc...nolva ed etc.

    if I were to run another cycle..after fully giving my body time to recover...what do you think would be a good suggested dosage looking at my first cycle protocol? Would I be upping the TEST etc...or can I run the same cycle..with dosage. I know every human body reacts differently. Anyone have good results running the EXACT same cycle 2 times in a row? no dosage changes etc? thanks all in advance.


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    you could have grown fine off test only. For your second, you could grow fine off
    test e 500mg 1-13
    deca 400mg 1-11

    or add dbol at 40mg 1-4

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