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Thread: Need your input

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    Need your input

    Ok, I have alot of gear and am looking for sugesstions on how to run it all. One big cycle or two cycles.

    Here is what I have:

    2 - 10ml Test cypinate (250mg/ml)
    1 - Deca 320mg 10ml (320mg/ml)
    30 amps of propinate (50mg/amp)
    2 - 10ml Equipoise (200mg/ml)
    1 - 10ml of Tri-Trenabol (150mg/ml)
    400 5mg winny
    2 boxes Clen
    1 box Clomid

    Now is it better to run the Deca and Test as a mass cycle, then run a cutting cycle with the EQ, Tren , and winny?

    wks 1-10 test @ 500mg/wk
    wks 1-10 deca @ 320/wk

    wks 1-10 EQ @ 400mg/wk
    wks 1-6 Tri-trenabol @ 300mg/wk
    wks 1-6 propinate at 100mg EOD
    wks 5-10 50mg winny ED

    Clomid starts last week of shots and continues for 2 additional weeks
    Clen when needed, mostly towards end of cutting cycle

    any thoughts?

    Please help me use this stuff the best I can. Thanks guys!
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    You can't come up with anything with that gear, just send it to me!

    What is the doses on your cyp and eq?

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    That doesnt sound like alot of gear bro... Sounds like a small cycle. Why didnt you list mg/ml? why dont you start another thread and show us what your cycle lay out idea is and we will critique(post stats as well)

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