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    lower dose deca - what to expect?

    starting in a few weeks:

    600mg test enan EW
    300mg deca EW

    for 15 weeks with a 3-week M1T kickstart. worried about deca dick and hairloss (using 2mg finasteride ED on cycle) - went with the M1T because the hairloss appears to be less than with dbol or drol.

    anyway, is that little deca doing to cause problems w/ libido or hairloss?

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    Deezuhl is offline Anabolic Member
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    Jun 2004
    everyone is different but i have seen a guy on 250mg ew and he put on some nice weight from it.

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    Ive been using 100mg-200mg of deca /week for the last 7 months and been seeing great results...At 46,Im not doing cycles anymore-im just staying on at low/moderate doses to avoid the physical trauma of going on and off cycles .It takes longer and you wont see big fast gains, but the muscle growth is more permanent.
    My doctor just prescribed finasteride though for my thinning hair and Ive been informed to get off the deca before taking it. Apparently the conversion of the nandrolone into the harmless DHN (rather than DHT) wont take place on propecia and the deca becomes very toxic to the hairline.Do some research and see what you find-but Id advise against running deca with the finasteride.
    Personally,Im gonna shift my stack to low/moderate doses of EQ/Test which the finasteride will work with.

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