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    how long to feel the effects of deca

    im currently running a sust/deca cycle. im take 250mg deca once a week and 500 mg sust once a week. ive never used deca before. how long does it take for the deca to kick in. and what should it feel like. is it different then the balls to the wall feeling of sust

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    deca is similar to a long ester test (e or c) and will take 4 - 6 weeks to really kick in. You should run it 12 weeks min. and make sure to run your test 1 - 2 weeks longer than the deca.

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    I usually really start to feel it at about 5 weeks. As far as the kick being different than test, yeah a little but run together you will really notice an increase in strength when the deca hits, or I do anyhow.

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