I got great gains until week 9, then I even suspected that the second half of my gear was bunk (still not sure) but doubt it since sex drive is still so high.... Im on week 12 or 13.. I have been strugglilng 3 weeks now - even gone a lil down with results, no weight gain in 4 weeks. Now I finally got sick and looking back I felt like I was getting sick for 2-3 weeks. There is flue like that goin around so maybe thats why I've been struggling. The strange thing is that now that I have been sick for 4 days I havent been able to go training 4 five days, what has happened ? I started gaining weight again, I have gained 5 lbs since getting sick -I find this weird sice havent gained at all the second half. My assumption: have I overtrained? I go to the gym only 4 times a week (very high intensity though) but I then train Brazilian jiu jitsu 3 times a week on top. Looking back I plateaud at the same time I continued with the jiu jitsu (had an anckle injury in the first 8 weeks). I trained more in the gym then but could it be possible that the BJJ caused me to overtain cause it is quite stressful to the body. Either case I have still the test prop phase left in my cycle (3 weeks with lower doses than the beginning) b4 PCT. Should I lower my training intensity when I finally get better.. which will probably take few days or should I start thinking bout PCT already. Also my HCG got seized so Im left only with 3 weeks supply of clomid and nolva.. man this turned out long.. and not really any good questions .. I seem to be very unlucky with getting sick while on.. my last/first got ruined by pneumonia..