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    stength question for test-e cycle..

    I'm on day #1 of week #4 of my first time test-e cycle. 580mg a week....
    I was just wondering how quickly and when the strength increases. I know everyones different, but will I find in a couple of days I will be able to slap an extra 25 pds. on each side or will I gradually get there?
    I'm so excited this test only cycle is finally kickin in!!!!!!
    I'm gonna keep pics posted, but pic 1 is 1 week after cycle start, and pic 2 is 3 weeks after start.
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    it will come will know

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    Try and increase weight slowly every workout.

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    Just like you said, everyone is different. However according to my buddie who just finished an identical cycle, he got a very small if any strength increase. Don't be discouraged he did blow the f*ck up!!! He looks huge. But he said strength just was not a big factor. I can verify from my exp. that dbol and tren both have given me great strength gains. Train for power for one whole cycle and then start your bb routine again!! you will probably be a happy camper if strength is your goal. besides body builders are like a hotrod with no gas in the tank. pretty to look at!!!

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