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    Question My coming Stack.. Remarks, suggestions,...

    Wk 1-2: 50 mg/day Anadrol
    Wk 3-5: 20 mg/day Dianabol
    Wk 1: 200mg Nandrolone and 250 mg Testoviron
    Wk2: 300 mg Nandrolone and 250 mg Testoviron
    Wk3: 400mg Nandrolone and 250 mg Testoviron
    Wk 4: 400 mg Nandrolone and 250 mg Testoviron
    Wk 5: 300 mg Nandrolone and 250 mg Testoviron
    Wk 6: 200 mg Nandrolone and 250 mg Testoviron
    Wk 3-6, Wk12-16: 10 mg/day Nolvadex , 25mg/day Proviron
    Wk7-8: 5000IU HCG
    Wk7-8: 120 mcg/day Clen
    Wk9-10: 200mg/wk Boldenone undecylenate and 240 mg/wk Methandriol Dipropionate
    Wk11: 100mg/wk Boldenone, 100mg/wk Boldenone undecylenate and 120 mg/wk Methandriol
    Wk12: 200mg/wk Boldenone, 200mg/wk Primobolan
    Wk13: 200mg/wk Boldenone, 200mg/wk Primobolan, 100mg/wk Winstrol depot
    Wk14: 200mg/wk Primobolan, 150mg/wk Winstrol depot
    Wk15: 200mg/wk Primobolan, 150mg/wk Winstrol depot
    Wk16: 100mg/wk Primobolan, 50mg/wk Winstrol depot
    Wk17-Wk20: 120 mcg/day Clen
    Wk18: 50 mg/ day Clomid

    Diet will stay high-protein during entire cycle + 4 weeks
    I've composed this stack by checking several boards.
    Objective is to gain quality weight, which sticks on after the stack is over....

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    How much cycle experience do you have?

    Unless you have some experience I would substitute dbol for anadrol and run T 30-35mg/day for weeks 1-4. I wouldn't bother pyramiding the deca ...stay at 400mg/week for a full 8 weeks. I would bump the EQ (boldenone ) to at least 400mg/week, primo to 300mg/week and winstrol to 50mg/EOD. Why so much gear? Seems pretty lofty to me.

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    i agree, why so much gear hope you are a experienced with that cycle...

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    I'd keep the nandrolone at 400mg throughout.

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    Thx bros..

    I'll incorporate that information.

    Don't worry, I'm no teenage hotshot, thinking a few pills will get the job done...
    I've been weightlifting for about 3 years now, after a hiatus of 4 years.Before that I lifted for 3 years too.
    I'm currently 28, 6'3 and 202 lbs (BF probably around 12) I'm hoping the cycle can get my up in the 230 lbs and hope to retain 220.

    I've already had good experiences with prohormones, better nutritional intake, rest and training... This will be my first official cycle...

    Wrt anadrol and diana; Reason I change the anadrol to dianabol : due to high livertoxicity of anadrol. although Diana isn't to be taken too light too, I feel the anadrol is a lil too much.

    My source gave me a cycle, but I could tell it would probably give good gains during a.s. intake, but would lead to an immense crash afterwards... So I took things in my own hands and read, read, read... Been reading and checking all you bros out for the last half year, and educating myself on the gains, but also the risks of using as.
    I've made the cycle in two parts. First part the bulking phase, while the second is a hardening phase. I hope my goal can be reached by that...

    I know it's a damn big stack, but everything is incorporated and I won't start her up until I have all stuff.

    Anyhow, keep the info coming...

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    For your first cycle, you got too much stuff going on all at once. Make it simple. Gaining 20lbs is not that hard. Test/EQ/Dbol . Simple yet effective.

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