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    Vets Please Help!!!!

    Ok, so I ran an extended deca /sust/d-bol cycle that I've run previously without problems. Only this time, about 3 weeks before I finished I couldn't get it up. I had the drive, just couldn't get it up. So at that point I stopped the deca and jsut finished up with the sust. PCT I was taking nolvadex 20-40mg daily, I had taken 20mg thru mcuh of the cycle to ward off the gyno I was seeing. It was mid May when I finished the cycle and I took Nolvadex until about the end of July. Then, I did some research on Nolvadex and like 20% of the guys in this study became impotent due to the nolvadex. So I quit taking it. IT's been about 4.5 months now, and I still can't stand at attention and I have utterly no sex drive. My next option, before seeing a doc, is banging in some HCG and clomid, but there's so much conflicting info on dosages. If the vets could help, I would greatly appreciate it. I need my junk to start workin again!!!!!

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    GET clomid and hcg fast !!! Nolvadex has nothing to do with testixular axis!!!!
    I cant believe that your natural test levels haven't come back yet!!!

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