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Thread: Prop pain

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    Prop pain


    I dont understand this.

    I Injected 2ml (100mg/ml) right leg, hurt pretty much, could walk but had problem working out.

    I also injected 0,5ml left DELT not much pain, injected 0,75ml + 1ml b12 right delt even less pain. Injected 0,75ml + 1ml B12 left glute, a bit sore when sitting but surely not enough to keep me from working out.

    Then this happened yesterday

    This was my day yesterday
    Working out 16.00-17.00 (LEGS + BICEPS) took the shot at 20.00 in LEFT LEG 0,75ml + 1ml B12... Woke up this morning had alot of pain, stretched a little did some squats without weight to get blood going. Went to work. A few hours later i could barely walk! Had to go home!

    I injected according to about 7-8" above my knee, the strange thing is that the sorenes in that area isnt so bad... But i have extreme pain where the muscle attach to the knee/joint (7-8" below where i injected")

    I dont understand... if you can tell me what i did wrong please do and why i have most pain just above my knee?!?

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    Yes,those are my legs
    You did nothing wrong.Welcome to the wonderful world of Prop.

    Once in awhile,I'll catch a bad shot.Get used to it.The more experienced you become.You'll encounter unique problems.Just part of the game.


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    I love prop shots in the quad. smooth as silk. the prop pain dosen't bother me much at all, actually, I kinda like it.

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    I've learn to enjoy the Prop pain a reminds me i'm on cycle and to eat right and get to the gym!!

    Pain is my friend.


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    there is no need for prop pain. cut the shit with oil

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