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    another tren question..

    anyone got some input on what the best legnth to run tren is? ive read cycles of some running it up to 16 weeks ed. i have also read some cycling it in the middle or towards the end of a cycle for a few weeks.. whats the best results or most common length?

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    Yes,those are my legs
    You are going to have to experiment with Fina to find out what works best for you.I probably ran it every way possible though cycles.I just prefer to run it from start to finish.That's what works best for me.
    And also,placing Fina strategically in a cycle depends on ones personal needs.So to give you a answer on which is the best way to run Fina would be rather difficult.


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    I think just in the posts I have read 8-10 weeks is the most common length of use.

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