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    How can you tell when you are shut down...or significantly suppressed????

    Low sex drive?....sperm....balls....?? Can you tell only after your cycle...and how long after...after can you tell you are back to normal???

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    My nuts shrink.

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    If you are on steroids of any significant dose, you are shut down. Some AAS slam it shut hard, and others close it slowly, but almost all will shut you down. Signs include shrunken balls(mostly long term atrophy), lowered sperm count(hard to detect on your own), Mood swings, depression and a limited libido. Since I always include Test in my cycles I never experience a down side until after the cycle and usually only a week or two after PCT> I should add that I think in part this is mental due to the knowledge of my loss of enhancing drugs in my system. A reverse placebo effect

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