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    Whats up guys,

    I just started my 5th week of my cycle.
    1-3 300mg Deca QV
    4-5 450mg Deca QV

    Anybody got any advice on maybe improving what Im doing. Any advice would be good. And can someone tell me what Clomid is.


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    Clomid is a post cycle treatment to help kick start your nuts back into production. Without using it is more difficult to keep your gains.

    Cycle doesn't look too bad. What are your stats, previous cycles, etc. You might want to think about adding some test along with the deca to prevent deca dick. How is the cycle going so far - sides, gains, etc.



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    Clomid is a brand name for the drug clomiphene citrate. It is typically prescribed for women to aid in ovulation. In men, the application of Clomid causes an elevation of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone. As a result, natural testosterone production is also increased. This effect is obviously beneficial to the athlete, especially at the conclusion of a cycle when endogenous testosterone levels are subnormal. When an athlete discontinues the use of steroids , his testosterone levels will most likely be suppressed. If endogenous testosterone levels are not brought to normal, a dramatic loss in size and strength may occur. Clomid plays a crucial role in preventing this crash in athletic performance. Bodybuilders find that a daily intake of 50-100 mg of clomiphene citrate over a two week period will bring endogenous testosterone production back to an acceptable level. Clomid will gradually raise testosterone levels over its period of intake. Since an immediate boost in testosterone is often desirable, athlete will commonly use HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin ) for a couple of weeks, and the continue treatment with Clomid. Clomid is also effective as an anti-estrogen. Most athletes will suffer from an elevated estrogen level at the conclusion of a cycle. A high estrogen level combined with a low testosterone level puts an athlete in serious risk of developing gynocomastia. With the intake of Clomid, the athlete gets the dual effect of blocking out some of the effects of estrogen, while also increasing endogenous testosterone production.

    Testosterone production begins at the hypothalamus,which scans blood levels of estrogens,androgens and other pertinent hormones.In a presence of low androgens and estrogens the hypothalamus will produce leutenizing-hormone-releasing-hormone(LHRH)which in turn stimulates the pituitary to produce leutenizing hormone(LH).LH then signals the leydig cells in the testicles to begin producing testosterone.Hence the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis(more commonly referred to as H-P-T-A),as production is ran in that particular order. Now on to the clomid...

    Clomid is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (much like nolvadex , only their binding capacities are more aggressive in seperate areas). Clomid stimulates L-H-R-H/LH production by binding to ESTROGEN receptors on the hypothalamus and pituitary, thus giving the illusion of a low presence of circulating estrogen.Note the key word here-ESTROGEN.CLOMID DOES NOT BIND ANDROGEN. Therefore, on a cycle of moderate to high amounts of ANDROGENS, clomid will have no effect whatsoever on endogenous testosterone production,as we are in a state of ANDROGENIC inhibition. It's post cycle,when blood levels of androgens begin to normalize and the typical estrogenic rebound/lag occurs,that clomid is able to re-initialize this process of testosterone production.Hope this clears up how clomid works and why to save it for post cycle,unless you're using it as an anti-estrogen...

    How do we know when to administer clomid therapy,and how much should we use to get the desired effects?First you have to figure out the activity life/clearance time of your particular ester.They don't have to be completely cleared from your system,just enough that androgen levels are within normal to high normal ranges.For instance sust's longest acting and most potent ester,the undecanoate ester clears your system in roughly 3-4 weeks.So beginning clomid therapy 3 weeks after your last injection would be ideal.This is the pattern I would run my clomid in...

    Day 1)300mgs...2 tabs every 4 hours or so.This will drive up blood levels of the drug for an immediate "therapeutic" response(one that would normally take many consecutive days of usage to be reached)and get the drug working aggressively towards re-initializing endogenous hormonal production.

    Days 2-11)100mgs/day(bothtabs can be taken together now,as it's half life is so long it will make no difference...

    Days 12-21)50mgs/day...

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